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The SunPump

    The SunPump was developed by Canadian Bruce Gray in 1989 as a solution to the problem of heating with the sun but providing whole home heat reliably in all climates. In 2007 this product became commercially available and since then SunPump Solar Inc has installed thousands of units successfully across Canada, the US and around the world. 

    The SunPump combines a high performance air-to-water heat pump with solar thermal panels designed for rooftop installations to achieve a solar assisted heat pump with never before achieved efficiency. With the help of the sun the SunPump can achieve efficiency levels of 700% compared to electric resistance heating and without the sun (night time, snow cover, cloud cover etc) the system can still achieve efficiency in the range of 300-400% efficient compared to electric. Add to that the fact that the SunPump also provides for all of your domestic hot water needs and the SunPump is literally the most capable, efficient and cost effective heating                                                                                                                                                       system ever created for the home.


How can the SunPump help you?

If you're looking for the least cost to operate, least cost to install, highest performance system available, then the SunPump is it. Sustainable Energies Inc is the exclusive dealer of the SunPump in Newfoundland and Labrador. This system has several configuration options to meet your total heating/cooling needs. Available in the following heat/cooling output configurations:

  • Radiant in-floor heating/cooling (for cooling, poured concrete recommended)
  • Radiant baseboard heating (cooling not common)
  • Fan-coil heating/cooling (including mini-split style, ceiling, low wall and more)
  • Forced air ducted heating/cooling (like a standard furnace)


Let us design the ultimate home heating/cooling system

The SunPump is a great addition to a new home design and can provide for homes from 1000 square feet to 10000 square feet and beyond. The SunPump is available in modular designs to allow just the right sized system for you. 

Let us work with you, your builder and your architect to come up with the perfect system for your needs. The SunPump is ideal for use in new home construction. The SunPump can also work great in commercial applications.