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Ducted mini-split heat pumps

Ducted mini-split you say? Where would you use this type of system? 

That's a great question, the most common place to use a system such as is shown is in a situation where you currently have an oil or electric furnace with ducting and you want a more efficient system to use the existing duct system. There are many options similar to the system shown here which is referred to as a horizontal high-static air handler or one that looks a lot more like a furnace which is referred to as a vertical air handler. Both have their application but only the vertical air handler will have the option for an electric backup heat element. 

Another application for this type of system is when you need to cover the space of a number of different rooms but it wouldn't make sense to put a mini-split register in each room. An air handler like what is shown can cover up to 2800 square feet and various models are available to cover anywhere from 600 square feet all the way up to 3800 square feet with heating and cooling. 

Several control options are available including WiFi control from Samsung and third party control from LG which can include thermostats such as the Nest, Honeywell Lyric, Ecobee3 and more. 

Add efficiency, add cooling

The best part about heat pumps in general is the dual mode capability. Not only do you get heating comfort at maximum efficiency, you also get air conditioning. With a ducted system this is available to every part of the home. When Sustainable Energies Inc puts in a ducted system for you they also repair ductwork, add dampers, measure airflow and adjust the registers to ensure even heating and cooling throughout the house. By the time we are done you'll be glad you had us put the system in. We take pride in our work and ducted systems can be so rewarding when the heating or cooling is perfectly matched throughout the home.

Go Nest, Go Lyric, Go EcoBee3, pick your advanced thermostat

An exclusive feature to the LG systems, a 3rd party thermostat add-on is available so that you can use your favourite thermostat in place of or in addition to standard LG controls. By stepping up to a more advanced thermostat it is possible to program it to set back during the day between certain times increasing savings. Thermostats such as the Honeywell Lyric and the Nest have the ability to do geo-fencing which takes into account the location of your phone to determine if your system should be on or not. 

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