Helping you achieve energy independence!

About Us

Sustainable Energies Inc. is an Ontario owned and operated company specializing in helping their customers achieve energy independence. Through two major product lines dealing with energy efficiency (heat pumps and other high performance heating products) and energy generation (solar, wind and other renewable energy sources) they can help the people of Northwestern Ontario reduce their carbon footprint and reduce their electricity bills to zero. Based in Thunder Bay, Sustainable Energies Inc. is run by Kevin Puumala. With over 8 years in the renewable energy industry we have the expertise to help you with your next energy saving project. 

Kevin Puumala

Born in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Kevin grew up spending much of his time outdoors, building car stereo systems, working on cars, constructing buildings with friends and family and working on snowmobiles. He has a vast array of experience in construction and equipment maintenance/repair. Kevin's father is a retired air systems Engineer and worked along-side Kevin for 5 years with Lakehead Renewable Energy building grid-connected solar energy systems for customers of the Ontario Power Authority's microFIT program. Through this hands-on experience, Sustainable Energies Inc was formed and continues on as an off-grid and on-grid renewable energy provider. With extensive background in air systems and heating as well as being a Certified Energy Auditor, Kevin is well suited to designing great systems that suit the needs of both commercial and residential customers.